Custom GUI for client hardware

At the request of a client we are developing a custom GUI using the API of their prototype in the pre-industrialization phase.


Project presentation

A real-time dashboard

Developed in ReactJS with websockets

In order to display hardware performance live, our dashboard uses a websockets connection with the backend and displays various performance indicators in elegant components, developed and designed for the occasion

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A backend reads and exposes data

MoleculerJS, microservices architecture

The backend loops through a low-level hardware python API and streams a standardized and easily usable data stream to the front-end.

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Express service

Developed in less than two months

In less than two months we write the specification, set up the application and carry out all the necessary tests and refinements

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An Embedded System

Headless Operation

Installation, deployment and persistence of the process in a custom Debian image in order to be able to access the webservice as soon as the power is connected.

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